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Water Recycling

At Da' Car Wash we are concerned about the environment and our natural resources. We have made a substantial investment in state of the art water and chemical delivery equipment and a reclamation system that reduces the amount of water consumption by 60%. These processes are as follows:

  • Water Softener System - This system softens the water used in the wash process. Softened water maximizes the effectiveness of the wash chemicals used to clean the vehicle. Therefore, less chemical has to be used which leads to less water needed for rinsing.
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems - Water is purified through reverse osmosis. This purified water is used to rinse the vehicle providing a spot free rinse with the least amount of water necessary.
  • Water Recycling System - This system reclaims 60% of the water used in the wash process for reuse. Therefore water consumption is dramatically decreased. In fact our wash uses much less water than a typical self-serve car wash or hand washes done at home. This process begins with huge underground collection tanks which collect water as it drains from the wash tunnel. Solids are collected from the water and the water is then pumped back into a filtering system and used again in the wash process. The water that we dispose of is periodically tested and is permitted to discharge into the state storm wastewater system. All chemicals used in the wash process are biodegradable and not harmful to the environment.

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